Leighton Farm was built for breaking, training and resting Thoroughbred racehorses, but transitioned easily into a training and retraining facility. We boast a 170 x 200 sand arena. Stadium and Cross Country jumps, and bridle trails to give each horse a wide variety of training opportunities.

Conveniently located in the mid-Atlantic region, Leighton Farm is within day travel distance from Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia tracks and New York Tracks.   Giving us the opportunity to develop contacts for finding excellent retraining prospects.

There is a treasure trove of equestrian competitions to choose from since the area is a hot spot for equestrian activities. We are have our choice of Three-Day Events and Horse Trials, Dressage Shows and Hunter/Jumper Shows. This allows us countless choices for promoting and educating the horses we have in training here at Leighton Farm.

If that weren’t enough, we also have access to some of the best horsemen in the world! Olympic greats such as Jim Wofford and Joe Fargis are located just next door in Virginia and Linda Zang is right here in Maryland.   This allows our horses to be seen by countless top horsemen.

Leighton Farm is the home of the 501(c)(3) charity, Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. whose purpose is to help retired racehorses find new lives once their race careers end by providing correct training so they can represent the potential of the breed.