At Leighton Farm our focus is to give each horse the best chance at a productive, happy and useful future.  We give them the correct foundation of training needed for any discipline.  Good manners and proper physical development lead to success.  That is why our horses excel.

Our services include:

» Training Services – We offer training services for Thoroughbreds newly off the track as well as horses who have been off the track for some time. It will be difficult to find a farm and training program that offers the amount of experience with ex-racers that you and your horse will receive here.

» Sales – There are always horses at Leighton Farm at a variety of levels of transitioning and. From newly off the track to attending shows, we just may have your next super star. We specialize in cultivating upper level prospects. Come find your next partner here or send your horse here to find his best chance at a happy future.

» Let Downs – We can safely transition your ex-racer to a new discipline and provide a solid foundation for you to build on.  While he lets down physically, we will handle him in a competent, professional way leading to good manners and confidence in preparation for the next phase of his training.

» Lay-Ups – We also have done after hospital and lay-up care for over thirty years.  We have excellent references.

» Lessons and Clinics – Ship your horse in for an evaluation or lesson.  Kimberly Clark will ride him/her and help you with your goals or any hurdles you’ve encountered. You and your horse can learn together!

Leighton Farm offers several clinics each year to benefit TPR, Inc.  One of our most popular is a demonstration day where participants come and observe a typical day of training at Leighton Farm.  See horses fresh off the track to horses that are already competing in Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping and the work that goes into the daily training.  Attendees are encouraged to participate where possible.  In addition, you get a tour of the farm and our horses.

You are invited to come and audit a day of training any time!  Just call Kimberly to make an appointment.  410-802-8425