May 10 / The World Revolves Around Graycie

Monday, May 10, 2010

GraycieBaby2The world has always revolved around Graycie, until now.

Graycie has always been a consummate professional.  If there is a perfect way to do something, she does it.  She was a fantastic racehorse.  She built all the fences on my farm, bought JK his car, paid for the concrete work in my barn – tack room floor and wash stall.  She paid to save Charlie and Bear.  She’s plastered all over both of my websites, Leighton Farm and HelpforTbs.  In her first dressage lesson with Elizabeth, she did an incredible lengthening.  So when she went out in the field yesterday morning on Mother’s Day, laid down and had a perfect baby in less than twenty minutes, it could hardly be a surprise.  “What did you expect human?”

The perfect little colt stood up in an hour and was nursing in less than an hour and a half.  No mess to clean up in the stall.  Perfect background for taking pictures.  Punkie was there to witness.  I couldn’t have staged a better scene.

Today, Graycie is different because for the first time, since I’ve known her, her world is revolving around someone other than her.  She has always known if you came to Leighton Farm, you came to see her.  I think now she believes you have come to see her perfect baby.