Mystical Harbor the real deal!

Mystical Harbor

“Fellow” is very special.

He was unraced due to financial and health issues of his breeder so he came to us at the age of 4 1/2.  Since then he has proved to be a rare find.  Fellow or Mystical Harbor – his registered name, is a combination of outstanding movement, kind temperament and natural show off.  He loves all humans and wants to please, and please he does.

I’ve worked him with some of the top professionals in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping and all agree this is a horse that can go to the top.  In his fourth recognized show ever he finished 9th in his first BLM Championships in 2016.  He is now successfully competing at Third Level in Dressage and solidly schooling Fourth Level movements.  He rarely misses at the flying changes, they are remarkably clean and he is now doing 3’s and 4’s with clean tempis thrown in there.

Fellow has done extensive cross country schooling in the past, even working with Lucinda Green.   He has also done several jumper shows and very easily jumps 3′. He is extraordinary at all of it, but we see a future for him in the dressage world – representing his breed – the Thoroughbred.

He  is a mild cribber, but has no physical issues of any kind.