Apr 30 / kimberlygodwinclark@gmail.com Better Than a Riding Arena

Friday, April 30, 2010

ArenaWhat is better than having an all weather arena to ride in at your farm?

We’ve had a project going on since Novemeber 2009.  My brother started to level the land in front of my barn at that time and then, rain, snow storms and just rotten weather prevented any progress until last week.

I really needed to bring my horses home, we can’t afford to have them boarded out, yet we needed a place to ride them.  I ended up spending much of the arena budget boarding them, but that was the way it had to be.  I hated to ask my brother if he could get to it soon because I knew he was also behind on paying work due to the horrible weather.  I finally broke down and the following week his son dropped off the heavy equipment to begin the work.  The day before Rolex, I had a 70 x 200 sand arena in front of my barn.  I left for Rolex without ever taking a ride on it.

Chaney Enterprises donated the sand and gave us a wonderful deal on the stone dust.  I can’t afford the rubber at this time, but can make due with the sand for now.  Hopefully by winter I can earn the funds for the rubber.

I actually needed one more load of sand, and ordered it when I got back from Rolex.  This meant that my brother had to come back over to spread it and level everything out.  I called him and he came over the next day.  I had wonderful rides yesterday on the new arena.

My brother is the best brother in the world.  I have never felt like I was alone in the world because I know if I ever need anything, my brother will be there for me.  I have to be careful when I think of asking him for something because I know if it’s humanly possible he will do it.  He’s never let me down.  I did not know it until he was here, but he was not feeling well yesterday.  He came over and helped me anyway.

Having a riding arena is a wonderful thing.  Having a brother like Garn means more than I can ever express in words.