Mar 21 / Bear Today

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I started to write about Bear several entries ago because I wanted lead up to this entry about him.   I knew it would be impossible to understand the importance of his life today if you didn’t know how he arrived here.  This Bear is the most sensitive, caring and sweet soul.  He so appreciates everything anyone does for him.  He patiently waits for me to acknowledge him when I come into the barn.  He would never ask, but he desperately wants me to come over and put my hand upon his face.  Bear never wants to leave the safety of Leighton Farm, but he deserves to have his own human.  I can’t be that for him, I have many horses that have to share me, although he will remain special to me always.

Sometimes things just work out.  It’s always bothered me that Bear didn’t have his own human.  I knew he would feel betrayed if I ever placed him, no matter how wonderful the home.  It took him a very long time to trust that he was safe and it was for real.  Then one day a about a year ago down my driveway comes Bernadette, the Human Force of Nature.  She’s done everything imaginable  to keep TPR afloat.   She’s done everything humanly possible to help me keep the balance between my rescue and placement work and my riding.  It’s very hard to do both correctly because both demand your all.  Bernadette is the reason I have been able to accomplish this.  I appreciate this more than I can express here.

There is one thing that Bernadette has done that I value over all else.  She has loved that Bear as much as a human could love a horse.  He has his very own human who puts him first before all other horses.  He’s the first horse she wants to see when she walks in the barn and to Graycie’s dismay, his is the first stall Bernadette stops at.  Bear is special and he knows it.

Recently Bernadette had to do time in Miami.  Well not jail time but almost.  Her job required her to go there for three weeks to work on the Haitian crisis.  She ate PBJ’s so she could buy that Bear the best blanket ever.  Bear is now the proud owner of not one but two Draper blankets.  One for inside and the other while turned out.  He has lameness and pain and the Draper blankets are state of the art in therapy for the equine.  Olympians have them and that Bear has his own.  He’s the best dressed horse on Leighton Farm, but he doesn’t rub it in to the other horses.  He’s not that kind of horse.