Dec 19 / The Other Half of the Equation

Friday, December 19, 2008

It occurs to me that I’ve not been including the other major factor in my progress. I think it is because this was already a regular part of my development. If you are going to get a true picture of what is happening, I need to start talking about Elizabeth.

I am in awe of the insight she has into my riding and my horses. She is keen on what Birdie needs and he is always happy and content after our work with Elizabeth, no matter the mood he arrived with.

I am lucky that all of my teachers are in sync. When I work with Elizabeth after a lesson with Jimmy, she sees progress, not regression in either myself and my horse. The same is true when my Jimmy lesson follows Elizabeth and now I’ve added Samantha Allan to the mix. I’ve asked Samanth just who she is on several occasions. Sometimes Jimmy’s words come out of her and other times it’s Elizabeth. I believe I am lucky to have such wonderful talents molding both me and my horses.

There is something about Elizabeth that I appreciate very much. She forms a relationship with my horses and their well being is her priority. She gives them a rider who hears them through feeling and has shown me that everything I do effects my horse, absolutely everything.
I’ve never had a lesson with Elizabeth that my riding and my horse’s training didn’t improve. It doesn’t get any better than that.