Jun 21 / kimberlygodwinclark@gmail.com The Day of My First Jumper Show – EVER

Saturday, June 21, 2008

It was decided we would go to the show. I arrived at 7:30 am. Cherie wasn’t there yet, but good old JK came with me. We’ve worked together in racehorses for twenty years. I settled in and set everything up. Cherie arrived and said they didn’t have the course out yet. I tacked up and got on Birdie. We rode around and he was great. Cherie didn’t want me to jump until after I walked the course with her. Now two things are worth mentioning. One, I’ve never been to a jumper show, even as a spectator. Two, I’ve never walked a course. It was time for our first course. It was me and my Baby Bird. I wasn’t worried about him. He never lets me down. I was worried about me messing everything up. As we jumped the course I was overcome with emotion. He was perfect. Perfect spots, perfect rhythm. He knew why we were there and I could hear him whisper in my head, “don’t worry human, I’ll take care of this.” I was so proud of him, he was so wonderful. SNAP OUT OF IT. They’re yelling at you, “There’s one more fence!!!” Yes, I almost messed it up, but instead we jumped clean and won the class. I won my first jumper class. Well, Birdie won it, but he let me come with him. Thank you Cherie. The second class was not as polished. Truth be told I was tired. We did jump clean, but not fast enough and ended up third. I’m not used to being tired from riding. At one point I galloped around thirty horses a day between the morning and the farm. It didn’t matter, this type of riding made me tired. I really need to work on fitness.