Jan 12 / kimberlygodwinclark@gmail.com My Beautiful Girl Gets Hurt

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to longeing. It rained for a few days and the ground got worse with each day. I need to build a longe pen with footing, but I haven’t the funds yet. My biggest money maker is now retired and hating life – Graycie. I have millings in front of my barn. They are ground up asphalt from roads. They do have a bit of give to them so I thought I could longe her there until the ground got better. It was working so well I decided to order a truck load to expand the area. It gave us a place with stable footing and I was concerned since she had fallen down on greasy footing.Then one morning the fillies in the field nearby came running around to the front and Graycie leapt into the air really high. When she landed she lost her footing and fell down, breaking one side rein. She really hit the ground hard. There really wasn’t enough cushion in those millings. When she got up she had scrapes on her knee, ankle, hock, stifle and chest. It hurt her, I had never seen Graycie in pain before. She had never suffered any injury during racing. She did get a cut on her ankle once but that didn’t seem to bother her at all. Now she was in pain and I couldn’t stand to see that magnificent creature reduced to a depressed animal in pain.I talked to Carol one of my vets who understands my relationship with horses very well. Carol doesn’t even make me feel like a kook. I was afraid I was breaking Graycie’s heart. She was hurt and depressed and had lost that fire in her eye. Carol assured me she would get through this. She only needed to accept this new life and it would take time. I wasn’t going to extinguish the bright spirit that was Graycie.Well, it’s a funny thing about that girl getting hurt. You see, she’s smart and from that day on she took longeing seriously. She began to settle down and find a rhythm. She started to carry herself and find the best way to navigate those irritating circles. For the first time I saw this could be possible. It was now.