Nov 19 / It’s Been A While

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am up to 30 minutes per day of unsupported two point going cross country on my farm. Poor Bear, he hates it and to make things interesting he does the disappearing head trick. The great news is I can stay in two point and get his head up. My position has changed a lot. I feel stable, but I’ve also realized how uneven I am, both in the weight I have in each stirrup and the way I use each leg. This exercise is extremely valuable in propagating equal use of my body.
I’m still at 10 minutes of posting without stirrups, but the quality of my position is drastically improving, making it a much more demanding 10 minutes. I plan to expand to 15 when my left leg is doing half the work. As it stands my right leg is stronger than my left.
I’ve been the luckiest person in the world. I’ve gotten two lessons with Jimmy since the clinic and I’m becoming much more aware of the finesse my Bird requires of me. I feel great about the improvement I’m making and I’m motivated to keep on. It makes all the torture worth it. In fact, I can’t wait to ride every day. I am so excited about what I’ll learn today. It’s like being handed a gift you get to open every day.
I’ve been going to Sharon White’s for the lessons and it is striking how light and supple she is while riding. Horses are so comfortable with her. I feel like I ride like I’m driving a Mack truck. This is good to know because now I’m very aware of every move I make and how I make it. This will be good for Birdie, actually it will be good for all my horses.