Jun 20 / kimberlygodwinclark@gmail.com First Warm Up Arena – EVER

Friday, June 20, 2008

It was only two days after the Jimmy clinic and we were supposed to go to our first jumper show. A very small show, a C rating, just a schooling for us to try it out. I told Cherie, I’d go to the warm up on Friday, but if Birdie was as full of anxiety, I wasn’t going to show him. It wasn’t fair to do that. I was dying to know if he would be upset though, since he had finally relaxed at the clinic.Friday night, we went, it was only five minutes from my house. When we arrived, Birdie was keyed up, but I took him off by himself and rode a while. Still strong on the bit, we went into the warm up ring. Boy, what a circus. Horses going every which way. I told Cherie I’d never say anyone at the racetrack was a bad rider again after what I’d seen there. The most important thing is in less than fifteen minutes, Birdie was starting to relax. Cherie had me jump a few fences and I was horrible. I’d never been so bad. She told me to wait, stop getting ahead. I finally did one correct and she told me to stop. I don’t know what happened to my riding, but I was now worried about me, not Birdie.