Nov 30 / Everything Costs $$

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I talked in length with Dr. Carol about Graycie yesterday and she suggested a plan of attack, although she said the money I could throw at this is endless. Anyway, she told me to start with simple flexion. She wasn’t crazy about the EPM theory, especially in light of the nature of her disobedience. Meaning, Graycie’s attacks are awfully coordinated in nature. Coupled with the fact that EPM tends to be a farm problem and I have no other cases here. Not that it couldn’t be the problem, just not the most likely one.

So I did the flexions yesterday and at least where her joints are concerned, Graycie is the soundest horse to ever walk this earth. Perfect rhythm and movement. Poetry in motion, a pleasure to watch. I should have felt better, and I do in a way, but what is it that is bothering her?

I already had the saddle fitter out to check her saddle. Her back still could bother her, but unlikely as well. Now I’m on to the Lymes disease theory. Neurological, but not necessarily causing lameness. There’s a test and I’m going to have it done. More money….