Mar 6 / Cross Country and Graycie – NOT a Good Idea

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things were going okay in our training of “circle, circle”, but Graycie had her moments of resistance. She was very annoyed that nothing fun ever happened. I tried my best to give her variety.We set out with Punkie, my tried and true horse on a cross country hack. Punkie actually broke Graycie and I felt it could lead to a breakthrough. Well I couldn’t get back to the barn fast enough. It was decided she wasn’t ready for hacks.During this time I was riding as many horses as I could to work on getting my dressage seat back. I had been an exercise rider for 20 some years and it had been ages since I did anything other than break babies and gallop. I knew I needed some lessons, but I also needed to get “good enough’’ to take lessons.